This Week’s Developments in LGBTQ Nondiscrimination

November 9, 2018 • 11:34 am

Voters uphold transgender protections in historic Massachusetts election; Midterms bring new wave of LGBTQ elected officials; Trump fires AG Sessions, one of the most anti-LGBTQ AG’s in recent history

WASHINGTON – Election Day proved historic for LGBTQ Americans. In Massachusetts, by an enormous margin, voters upheld statewide transgender protections at the ballot. Across the country, the Rainbow Wave did not disappoint. Colorado voters elected Jared Polis as the first openly gay man to ever become governor, while Oregon voters re-elected Kate Brown – who made history when she became the first openly bisexual governor in 2016. Victorious candidates from New Hampshire, Kansas, and Minnesota also will be the first LGBTQ people to represent their states in Congress. Also this week, President Trump fired Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Sessions was widely regarded as one of the most anti-LGBTQ members of the Trump administration. Freedom for All Americans’ Weekly LGBTQ Nondiscrimination Update has all the latest developments that should be on your radar:

Victory in Massachusetts: Transgender Protections Upheld in Historic Election:
For the first time ever at the ballot box, Massachusetts voters upheld statewide protections for transgender people. With nearly 70 percent of the vote, Bay Staters definitively answered Yes on 3 and sent a resounding affirmation that transgender people deserve full and equal protection under the law. The vote will keep in place a 2016 law, signed by the state’s Republican Governor, Charlie Baker, that prohibits discrimination against transgender people in public spaces. The Yes on 3 campaign was the largest bipartisan, transgender equality campaign in U.S. history.

Freedom for All Americans is proud to be a founding member of the Freedom for All Massachusetts’ Yes on 3 campaign, and played a lead role in ensuring that Bay State voters make Massachusetts the first state in the nation to uphold transgender protections at the ballot box.

To get a better sense of how transgender Americans experience discrimination every single day, please visit Faces of Freedom – a new LGBTQ movement-wide resource that elevates the stories of LGBTQ people and allies. The new website features more than 350 stories from nearly every state, and will continue to expand in the coming months.

Historic Election Day for LGBTQ Candidates:
This Election Day proved to be a historic one for LGBTQ Americans. 225 LGBTQ candidates were on the ballot this year in local, state, and federal races across the country. Many won, including Jared Polis in Colorado, the first ever gay man elected governor. Kate Brown in Oregon, the first bisexual person to win re-election as the state’s governor. And LGBTQ candidates won election, becoming the first representatives to congress from Minnesota, New Hampshire, and Kansas.

Trump fires AG Jeff Sessions:
At the direction of President Trump, Attorney General Jeff Sessions has resigned. The President appointed Sessions’ Chief of Staff, Matthew Whitaker, to serve in the top law enforcement role on an interim basis. Sessions was widely regarded as one of the most hostile members of the administration towards LGBTQ Americans. He undertook a sweeping anti-LGBTQ agenda during his time at the Department of Justice and filed legal briefs undermining equal treatment for LGBTQ Americans.

Freedom for All Americans is working to secure comprehensive nondiscrimination protections for all LGBTQ Americans, no matter which state they call home. For more information on state-specific legislation, or to browse our stories of discrimination, please visit

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