Major Businesses Speaking Up for Nondiscrimination Protections in Georgia

January 7, 2016 • 4:25 pm

Georgia Prospers brings together businesses big and small committed to nondiscrimination and a strong economic climate

ATLANTA – A new coalition of nearly 100 businesses has launched to promote nondiscrimination protections for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people across Georgia. The coalition, Georgia Prospers, is uniting businesses small and large to speak to the economic imperative associated with nondiscrimination protections. Georgia Prospers coalition members include Delta, Coca-Cola, Home Depot, Google, AT&T, Bank of America, the Georgia Chamber of Commerce, the Georgia Hotel & Lodging Association, UPS, the Atlanta Convention & Visitors Bureau, Wells Fargo, PNC, KMPG and Georgia Power.

”Georgia is home to some of our nation’s most recognizable brand names and powerhouse corporations,” said Matt McTighe, Freedom for All Americans executive director. “If Georgia is serious about growing its economy and ensuring it’s a state that remains attractive to businesses, it needs to project a welcoming and inclusive brand. These businesses are nationally recognized leaders in their industries, and are some of the best voices out there to remind everyone why nondiscrimination protections are so important.”

Georgia ranks at or near the top of a number of economic indicator lists – CNBC last year recognized it as the fifth best state in which to do business, and its burgeoning film industry generates about $6 billion in state revenue annually. But despite these economic boons, several bills that would make it easier to discriminate against gay and transgender Georgians are expected to surface in the upcoming state legislative session. Last year, some lawmakers in the state tabled a religious exemptions bill after an amendment passed stating the bill couldn’t be used for purposes of discrimination. That bill, sponsored by state Sen. Josh McKoon, is expected to return this year.

Businesses will be central to demonstrating the economic impacts associated with anti-LGBT bills, such as McKoon’s exemptions legislation. Late last year, the Metro Atlanta Chamber’s chief economist estimated that passage of an exemptions bill in Georgia would lead to an initial loss of $1 billion in revenue from major conventions and sporting events choosing to take their business elsewhere.

More information on Georgia Prospers, including a full list of participants, is available at

Freedom for All Americans is the bipartisan campaign to secure full nondiscrimination protections for LGBT people nationwide. Our work brings together Republicans and Democrats, businesses large and small, people of faith, and allies from all walks of life to make the case for comprehensive nondiscrimination protections that ensure everyone is treated fairly and equally.


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