Freedom for All Americans Celebrates National Coming Out Day 

By Adam Polaski • October 11, 2017 • 12:56 pm
Today, October 11, is the 29th annual National Coming Out Day, founded in 1988 to increase awareness and visibility around the LGBTQ community and to encourage coming out as a form of political activism and resistance.
Kasey Suffredini, acting CEO and president of strategy at Freedom for All Americans, issued the following statement:
“Today is dedicated to building awareness around the shared community of LGBTQ people. For those of us who are able, being true to who we are and sharing our authentic selves with the world moves forward our progress towards equality in the most important way possible. For those who cannot be out publicly because of the threat to their safety and privacy, the work advocates are doing affects them deeply, too, because it creates a more accepting world. This year has been challenging for many LGBTQ people, but together, we are stronger.”
Happy National Coming Out Day, everyone!

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