Celebrity Makeup Artist Deja Smith Speaks Out Against Anti-Transgender Laws with #EveryoneWelcome

By Adam Polaski • April 6, 2017 • 10:20 am

A new video from Deja Smith, acclaimed makeup artist, is speaking out for transgender equality and adding her voice to the many who have declared that our country should be a place where we make #EveryoneWelcome.

“Trans folks like me are your friends, family members, neighbors, co-workers, and classmates. We shouldn’t face discrimination just because we are transgender. Laws like HB2 – and its so-called replacement HB142 – are designed to take away our basic civil rights and make us feel unwelcome in our own communities. You know that’s not going to work,” Deja says in her video.

The #EveryoneWelcome campaign launched in March to rally a proactive, positive message in support of full non-discrimination protections covering transgender people and prohibiting any discrimination based on gender identity. So far in the campaign, many members of Congress, celebrities like George Takei, LGBT activists, transgender voices, and Olympic athletes have filmed videos in support of full transgender equality.

“Take a stand with me to ensure that transgender people feel safe and free to be visible in all facets of society,” Deja says in her video.

Check out some of our favorite videos that have been filmed so far for the #EveryoneWelcome campaign here.

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