American Voices for Freedom

Discrimination is wrong—period. That’s why across the country, Americans are speaking out in support of protecting hardworking gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people from discrimination. Business leaders, people of faith and a bipartisan coalition of supporters are joining with LGBT people and their families in agreeing that it’s time for non-discrimination protections nationwide. Read their stories below.

Transgender Woman and Wisconsin Community Successfully Advocate for Local Non-Discrimination Protections

BobbieJoy Amann • Stevens Point, WI

Farmer, Grandmother, and Volunteer Firefighter Talks Growing Up Transgender in Nebraska

Ashley Swartz • Malmo, Nebraska

Transgender Teen in Massachusetts Delivers Moving Testimony in Favor of Full Protections

Brandon Adams • Framingham, MA

Transgender Student in Tennessee Takes a Stand Against Invasive, Discriminatory Legislation

Henry Seaton • Hendersonville, TN

Employment Attorney Offers Insight on Widespread Discrimination Against LGBT Floridians

Anthony Falzon • Miami-Dade County, Florida

Coaching through Understanding: Retired Pastor and His Wife, a Realtor, Speak Out on the LGBT Community

Carl & Deila Mangold • Phoenix, Arizona

Transgender Woman: Clarify the Rights of Transgender People to Access Public Accommodations

Michelle H. • Westborough, MA

Arizona Marriage Plaintiff: Why I Feared for my Job the Day I Filed a Marriage Lawsuit

Joe Connolly & Terry Pochert • Maricopa, AZ

Mother of a Transgender Daughter Calls for Non-Discrimination in Massachusetts

Jeanne Talbot • Grafton, MA

The First Openly Transgender Elected Official in Massachusetts Calls for Full Protections

Jackie Ryan • Sturbridge, MA

South Dakota Man to Governor: Don’t Make Transgender Kids Endure What I Did Growing Up

Terri Bruce • Rapid City, SD

Texas Attorney Who Fought for Marriage Stands up for Non-Discrimination

Daniel McNeel Lane • San Antonio, Texas

How Pennsylvania Can Help My Transgender Daughter Live a Happy, Safe Life

Jessica & Her Daughter Ally • Allentown, PA

Pennsylvania Moms Work Toward More Secure Future for their Family

Amber & Shellon • Pittsburgh, PA

Georgia Woman Remembers Being Fired from Her Job One Year Before Retirement

Connie Galloway • Blue Ridge, GA