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Discrimination is wrong—period. That’s why across the country, Americans are speaking out in support of protecting hardworking gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people from discrimination. Business leaders, people of faith and a bipartisan coalition of supporters are joining with LGBT people and their families in agreeing that it’s time for non-discrimination protections nationwide. Read their stories below.

Years After Facing Employment Discrimination, Bisexual Floridian Reflects on Importance of Visibility, Support & Pride

Jessie Mackesy • Jacksonville, FL

A Bisexual Perspective on the Need for LGBT Nondiscrimination Protections During #BiWeek

Christi Sessa • Goshen, IN

Christian Pastor Says Jesus’ Example of ‘Peace and Justice’ Drives His Support for LGBT Equality

Rev. Salvatore Sapienza • Douglas, MI

Back to School for this Transgender Teen in Florida Brings Unnecessary Anxiety

Matthew Myers • Ocala, FL

Advocate & Entrepreneur Aydian Dowling: I Was Fired for Being Transgender

Aydian Dowling • Portland, OR

Transgender Veteran in Arizona Shares Her Decades-Long Journey to Living Freely

Kristyn Weed • Tucson, Arizona

Wisconsin Mother Calls for Deeper Understanding of Transgender People Following Son’s Suicide

Joanne Lee • Madison, WI

10 LGBT Seniors Who Need Non-Discrimination Protections in Pennsylvania Now

Stories & Photos from SAGE, Equality PA & Freedom for All Americans

Civil Rights Leader Fighting to Weed Out Seeds of LGBT Discrimination in Georgia

Francys Johnson • Atlanta, GA

Kentucky Same-Sex Couple’s Negative Ring-Shopping Experience Underlines Reality of LGBT Discrimination

Eric & Ron Ebling • Owensboro, KY

Respected Family Physician & Champion Golfer Faced Employment Discrimination After Coming Out as Transgender

Dr. Bobbi Lancaster • Gold Canyon, AZ

Father in Mormon Family Shares How Two Sons’ ‘Coming Out’ Experiences Propelled Him to Understanding

Bryce Cook • Mesa, AZ

For Transgender Graduate, Passage of Transgender Protections Bill Would Mean Safety and Security at Home

Andrew Asquith • Boston, MA

Transgender Woman in Washington Seeks to Educate Through Living Her Authentic Self

Seranine Elliot • Arlington, WA

How HB2’s Passage Inspired This Transgender Man to Share His Story

Zeke Christopoulos • Asheville, NC