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Discrimination is wrong—period. That’s why across the country, Americans are speaking out in support of protecting hardworking gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people from discrimination. Business leaders, people of faith and a bipartisan coalition of supporters are joining with LGBT people and their families in agreeing that it’s time for non-discrimination protections nationwide. Read their stories below.

A Story Collection

During Back-to-School Season, Parents, Families and Individuals Send Support to Transgender Students

9 Stories from 9 States

Recent Transgender Graduate and His Mom Speak Out on the Need to Make #EveryoneWelcome This Back-to-School Season

Aidan & Melissa DeStefano • Boyertown, PA

Transgender Conservative Woman Bridges the Gap Between Republican Party and LGBTQ Community

Jennifer Williams • Trenton, NJ

Sister of Man Who Faced Employment Discrimination Continues Her Brother’s Legal Challenge After His Death

Melissa Zarda • Kansas City, MO

By Continuing Landmark Title VII Fight, Texas Man Looks to Cement Former Partner’s Legacy

Bill Moore • Dallas, TX

Same-Sex Couple, Both Navy Veterans, Push for Protections in Florida

Jen & Jennifer Metcalf • Titusville, FL

Massachusetts Elected Official: Being Transgender And Being Republican Are Compatible

Jordan Evans • Charlton, MA

How Discrimination Builds On Itself: A Woman Is Fired After 15 Years on the Job

Penelope Hudson • Louisville, KY

Woman in New York Advocates for Increased Understanding of Transgender Americans

Pauline Park • New York, NY

Royal(T): One LGBT Texan’s Place on the Prom Court Gives Insight to Transgender People’s Place in America

Chey Follett • Seattle, WA

Transgender Granite Stater Gets Personal to Build Support for Comprehensive Non-Discrimination

Mitchel Pyles • Milford, NH

Transgender Man in Kentucky Stands Up Against Employment Discrimination for His Family

Mykel Mickens • Louisville, KY

Mother of Twin Boys – One Who is Transgender – Calls for Safer, More Welcoming Policies in Michigan

Krista Anderson • Holland, MI

Montana Woman Who Faced Housing & Employment Discrimination Testifies for LGBT Non-Discrimination

Kathleen O'Donnell • Laurel, MT

Ohio Man Takes to YouTube to Increase Understanding of His Transgender Experience & Journey

Will Varnum • Columbus, OH

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