As the national campaign to win LGBT-inclusive non-discrimination protections, we want to be sure anyone who cares about securing these critical protections nationwide is equipped with everything they need to know – to make them more informed, with more strategic understanding of key concepts that allow them to be stronger advocates. Explore these resources here!

Mythbuster: The Equality Act

Anti-LGBTQ activists are spreading lies and misconceptions about what the Equality Act does and doesn’t do. Here are the facts.

Campaign-in-a-Box: The Complete Toolkit for LGBT Nondiscrimination

Freedom for All Americans is proud to present the Campaign-in-a-Box, a toolkit dedicated to equipping state organizations, campaigns, and coalitions with the best resources available when it comes to propelling LGBT-inclusive nondiscrimination protections forward and beating back damaging anti-LGBT legislation.

Trans 101: Information for Trans Public Education Campaigns

The success of campaigns for nondiscrimination protections hinges on the effectiveness of efforts to build familiarity with, and understanding of, transgender people. Misrepresentations of transgender people have been used to stop nondiscrimination protections and even repeal existing laws that protect LGBT people.

Responding to “Reasonable Accommodations” Provisions in School Gender Inspection Bills

Using the restroom is a basic human need, regardless of whether you are transgender, and everyone should be able to use the restroom without fear or discrimination. But our opposition hopes to make these discriminatory restroom restrictions more amenable under the guise of “reasonable accommodations” language in school gender inspection bills.

School “Gender Inspection” Bills

Every student needs to use the restroom, and every student should expect safety and privacy when using them. However, state lawmakers are attempting to pass laws that would invade everyone’s personal and medical privacy by requiring all students to prove that their anatomy matches either the sex on their birth certificate or the sign at the door of a restroom.

Protecting LGBT Americans from Discrimination is Good for Business

Business leaders know that protecting every American from discrimination is good for the economy.

New Report Details Long History of Civil Rights Opponents Using Religious Exemptions to Justify Discrimination

This week, the Leadership Conference Education Fund released a new report demonstrating that groups working to pass legislation allowing carveouts often do so to expressly deny or limit civil rights advances for minority communities.

Inclusion of Public Accommodations in LGBT Nondiscrimination Laws

In-depth look at why transgender Americans, like all Americans, value privacy and security – and why comprehensive nondiscrimination laws are about far more than just restrooms. Dismissing them as a "bathroom bill" is misleading and ignores the important protections they provide in other areas of life.

Local Employment Nondiscrimination Ordinances

This report from the Movement Advancement Project examines city and county non-discrimination ordinances that prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in private employment. The MAP report details where these ordinances are geographically, their growth over time, and the gaps in coverage that remain.

LGBT University

LGBT-U is a new and innovative training program to develop and support current and future non-discrimination campaign leaders and staff.

S.1598 & H.R.2802 – Providing a Federal License to Discriminate

The so-called First Amendment Defense Act would give individuals, organizations and businesses a license to discriminate against LGBT Americans. This discriminatory bill does nothing to strengthen First Amendment rights, which are already enshrined in our Constitution and reflected in laws across the land.

Religious Freedom Restoration Acts: Real Consequences for All Americans

A new type of bill appearing in state legislatures across the country, often called a “Religious Freedom Restoration Act” (RFRA), could allow individuals to use their religious beliefs to harm others, paving the way for challenges to virtually any law, including laws designed to protect all of us from various forms of discrimination. Here's a breakdown.

An Ally’s Guide to Talking About Non-Discrimination for LGBT People

This Ally’s Guide to Talking About Nondiscrimination Protections for LGBT People provides proven approaches to help build and sustain solid, lasting support for nondiscrimination laws, and also factually and effectively address concerns that might be raised when discussing the need for such laws.

Non-Discrimination in the News

Get the latest stories and updates from the campaign on what's happening with non-discrimination campaigns nationwide.

Why Conservatives Support Nondiscrimination Protections for LGBTQ Americans

Conservatives believe in the importance of hard work and individual freedom – which is why across the country, a growing number of conservatives are leading the conversation about the importance of protecting gay and transgender people from discrimination.