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Freedom for All Americans is proud to be working alongside our state and national partners in the fight for LGBT-inclusive non-discrimination. Here, check out recent news stories referencing our work – or our responses to non-discrimination campaigns and more expansive work to educate Americans about who LGBT people are. View Freedom for All Americans Press Releases – and get in touch – here.

When the Political is Personal

• April 21, 2016 "The whole reason I got into LGBT work in the first place was that I wanted to make other peoples’ experiences better than mine," says Kasey Suffredini. "Now that we have the attention, we have to tell our stories. Most Americans believe in fairness, and I think when they understand the reality that most trans people face, they’re going to say, ‘surely we can do better.’"

Transgender Freedom Project: Broadcast Interview, FOX SF

• April 12, 2016 Kasey Suffredini, director of the Transgender Freedom Project, gives an interview to a local Bay Area FOX station about the TFP's goals and activities.

Let Transgender People Achieve Their American Dream

CNN • April 5, 2016 Kasey Suffredini, a transgender attorney, chief program officer at Freedom for All Americans, and director of the Transgender Freedom Project, pens an op-ed about the crucial need for public education on transgender issues.

Activists Try to Calm Fears Over Transgender Bathroom Access

• April 3, 2016 The Associated Press announces the launch of the Transgender Freedom Project in the context of the current landscape on LGBT nondiscrimination and transgender equality.

Discriminatory Laws Hurt Health of LGBT Tennesseans

The Tennesseean • April 1, 2016 These bills, among other anti-gay and anti-transgender legislation, are potentially harmful to the health of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Tennesseans. Numerous public health studies have demonstrated that institutional and policy-based discrimination causes harm and leads to substantial health disparities.

It’s Time for a Vote on the Massachusetts Transgender Bill

The Boston Globe • March 30, 2016 Governor Baker and the Legislature appear to be stuck in a game of chicken on an important piece of legislation. The game needs to stop, and the legislation needs to be called for a vote.

Paul Ryan’s Hometown Bans LGBT Discrimination

The Huffington Post • March 29, 2016 “Local cities know what is best for their residents, and the Janesville council members did the right thing by passing protections that ensure none of their constituents can be denied a job or refused services because of who they are,” said Matt McTighe, executive director of the pro-LGBT rights group Freedom for All Americans. “This measure will improve the lives of countless people and their families, and will hurt no one.”

Transgender Law Makes North Carolina Pioneer in Bigotry

The New York Times • March 25, 2016 "Proponents of so-called bathroom bills, which have been introduced in state legislatures across the country, have peddled them by spuriously portraying transgender women as potential rapists. That threat exists only in the imagination of bigots."

8 LGBT Names to Know in 2016

Washington Post • January 18, 2016 In most states, gay people can “marry on Sunday and be fired on Monday” because there’s no federal anti-discrimination law based on sexual orientation or gender identity. Freedom for All Americans, the heir apparent to Freedom to Marry (the advocacy group that spearheaded marriage equality), will use the same tactics and playbook to end all forms of discrimination against LGBT people as its successful predecessor. Executive Director Matt McTighe doesn’t mince words when he says, “Our goal is to ensure that no one in this country can be fired, denied a home, or refused services on the basis of their sexual orientation or gender identity.”

Freedom for All Americans: Lessons Will Be Learned From Houston HERO Fight

Metro Weekly • November 4, 2015 “We’re in a place that’s very similar to where the marriage movement was in 2009, when we were just coming out of that last loss in Maine, where we knew we were onto something, we knew we were starting to figure it out, but we knew it was going to take a little more time,” says Matt McTighe, the campaign director for Freedom for All Americans. “It takes public education, it takes an effort of a lot of people telling their stories, going out and talking to people, door-to-door, and through the media, telling why these laws are necessary, what they do and what they don’t do. And that includes combating the misleading and outright distortions of our opponents when they lie.”

Defeat of Equal Rights Measure in Houston Points to Fight Ahead

Washington Post • November 4, 2015 [Matt McTighe, executive director of Freedom for All Americans, said that the movement must introduce transgender people] to average Americans as their neighbors, co-workers and friends. To that end, Freedom for All Americans has launched a campaign called the Transgender Freedom Project, which will identify and educate transgender people in small towns and big cities who can speak to the media, stand on rally stages and make their case personally to lawmakers. “It’s the personal stories that won us the freedom to marry,” he said. “It’s going to be those personal stories that, again, win the day.”

Houston Voters Reject Measure Barring LGBT Discrimination

Huffington Post • November 3, 2015 Matt McTighe, executive director of the pro-LGBT Freedom for All Americans, said there just wasn't enough time to educate the public on the issue. "There is a way to talk about this, and there is a way to educate people. The unfortunate thing is that it's very time-consuming, and it's also very expensive," McTighe told The Huffington Post Tuesday night after the loss, calling from Houston. McTighe, who was also active in the marriage equality movement, noted that wins in that area started happening only after years and years of losses. "I feel very much that we're at the same place as a movement where we were around 2009, when we had lost 32 times in a row every time the word 'marriage' appeared on a ballot for gay and lesbian people having the freedom to marry," McTighe said. "We finally, as a movement, through those losses, learned how to do things differently. We learned how to change our tactics and shift our messaging."

Major LGBT Rights Ordinance Put to the Test in Texas • November 3, 2015 “We don’t know of a single documented instance in which a person committing sexual assault or harassment in a restroom was transgender or pretending to be transgender,” said Matt McTighe, executive director of the LGBT advocacy group Freedom for All Americans, in an email. “What we do know is seventeen states and more than 200 cities have already passed nondiscrimination laws similar to HERO – including Dallas, San Antonio, and El Paso – and the laws have been put into place successfully, with no increase in public safety incidents. This ordinance doesn’t change the fact that it’s already illegal to assault someone in a restroom or anywhere else.” Richard Carlbom, campaign manager of the pro-HERO group Houston Unites, went even further, calling claims that nondiscrimination ordinances could lead to bathroom harassment or assault “an outright lie.”

Political Notes: Freedom to Marry Readies to Shutter

The Bay Area Reporter • October 26, 2015 Freedom for All Americans' ultimate goal, wrote McTighe, "is to secure passage of comprehensive non-discrimination legislation through Congress, working to foster bipartisan support. And as we work toward that goal, we'll build undeniable momentum by passing non-discrimination laws at the state and local level – while defeating proposals that promote anti-LGBT discrimination."

Fight Over Houston LGBT Nondiscrimination Ordinance Gets Ugly

The Associated Press • October 25, 2015 Several national LGBT-rights groups have deployed staff in Houston to support the ordinance, including Freedom for All Americans. Its CEO, Matt McTighe, praised Houston's cultural diversity, but said it was the only one of the 10 largest U.S. cities without LGBT non-discrimination protection.