Campaign-in-a-Box: The Complete Toolkit for LGBT Nondiscrimination

Freedom for All Americans is proud to present the Campaign-in-a-Box, an innovative toolkit dedicated to equipping state organizations, campaigns, and coalitions with the best resources available when it comes to propelling LGBT-inclusive nondiscrimination protections forward and beating back damaging anti-LGBT legislation. From training the strongest spokespeople to helping more Americans understand why nondiscrimination matters to creating powerful digital content, we want to help move LGBT non-discrimination forward – in your local community, throughout your state, and across the country. If you have questions about the Campaign-in-a-Box, email us at Special thanks to our partners: Equality Federation, Movement Advancement Project, and National Center for Transgender Equality.

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Public Accommodations

The Importance of Public Accommodations Protections

If we are to ensure all Americans are treated with respect and free from discrimination in public places, we must work harder than ever to update our nondiscrimination laws to include public accommodations.

Combatting “Bathroom Bill” Attacks in Public Accommodations Protections

Comprehensive nondiscrimination laws are about more than just restrooms. Dismissing them as a "bathroom bill" is misleading and ignores the important protections they provide in other areas of life.

Public Accommodations: Myth Busters

When it comes to protecting transgender people in public accommodations, the truth is more boring than fiction. Here are common myths about LGBT-inclusive non-discrimination protections.