Breaking Down the Binary: Genderfluid

By Shane Stahl • June 13, 2019 • 9:58 am

We’re working to break down the many different gender identities that exist, provide context for what each means, and further emphasize how gender identity protections benefit a multitude of different people. 

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A genderfluid person is someone whose gender identity is not strictly defined, and who may express or present as different genders at different times, or express multiple genders at once.  They might use they/they pronouns, or they use he and she pronouns interchangeably. If you don’t know what pronouns to use, it’s okay to ask!  

Notable Genderfluid People: Ezra Miller (actor, Justice League), Ruby Rose (actor, Orange is the New Black) 

NOTE: Some people may also identify as bigendermeaning someone who has two gender identities or a combination of two. Others may also identify as pangender, meaning someone whose gender identity is not limited to one specific identity, and who may feel like part of all gender identities simultaneously.   

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