Being A Republican is About Individual Liberty and Personal Freedom

Mimi Planas • Miami, Florida

Mimi Planas lives in Miami, Florida with her wife, her eight year-old son and her 88 year-old mother.

As a Republican, she believes strongly that no one should be fired from their job for their sexual orientation or gender identity.

“To me, being a Republican is about individual liberty and personal freedom, and that means people must be allowed to be themselves and to love who they love,” Mimi says.

MimiPlanasA Council Woman on the Westchester Community Council and President of the Log Cabin Republicans of Miami as well as Committeewoman for the Miami Dade Republican Executive Committee, Mimi is very active in her party and her community. She also works hard and is grateful that she’s never experienced any professional discrimination because of who she is, or who she loves.

“I’ve been lucky; I’ve worked hard all my life and all my bosses have always respected me for the job I have done, and I have been treated fairly despite them knowing that I am gay. That’s what I want for everyone. If you work hard and you’re good at your job, that’s what matters,” Mimi said.

While Mimi is fortunate enough to have never experienced discrimination, it only took her a few seconds to think of someone she knew who has been discriminated against because of their sexual orientation.

“In America, people should be treated equally. Period.”

“A good friend of mine, he and his partner have been together for many years. Recently, his employer found out who he was dating and he was terminated. Right now, there is no statewide law against that in Florida, and in lots of other states around the country, and we need to change that,” she said.

Ultimately, for Mimi, it’s a simple issue. “Should you be fired because you’re LGBT?” she asked, “No! And most of the Republicans I know agree with that.”

“In America, people should be treated equally. Period.”

Mimi originally shared her story with Florida Competes, the campaign working to pass a statewide non-discrimination law to protect LGBT Floridians.

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