Legislative Tracker: Religious Refusal Bills Tracking LGBT-Related Legislation Nationwide

Legislative Tracker: Religious Refusal Bills

During the 2018 legislative session dozens of states considered legislation related to LGBTQ discrimination. Some bills sought to advance the comprehensive nondiscrimination laws that LGBTQ people so sorely need, while others attempted to single out and target LGBTQ people for unfair and unequal treatment. Freedom for All Americans tracked each bill in our 2018 Legislative Tracker, in partnership with the Equality Federation.

The legislative session largely drew to a close in spring 2018. Multiple proactive, pro-LGBTQ bills advanced and one comprehensive nondiscrimination bill in New Hampshire became law, making New Hampshire the 19th state with comprehensive nondiscrimination. Two narrow anti-LGBTQ bills, targeting child welfare providers in Kansas and Oklahoma, also became law. Read the Highs and Lows of the 2018 Legislative Session here.

2018 Legislative Session Highs & Lows

Below, find bills related to creating religious refusals or exemptions, which can be used to justify anti-LGBTQ discrimination. Or navigate to other types of bills below:

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View a list of legislation, organized alphabetically by state, in the below chart. Click on the bill to read more information about it, including sponsors, latest action, and its status. Below the chart, you’ll see a map showcasing where religious refusal bills have been filed – and a density map on where the most legislation is being considered.

Map View: Where Anti-LGBTQ Religious Refusal Bills Have Been Filed: