How We’ll Win

Our goal is to ensure that all LGBT Americans are afforded comprehensive protections from discrimination. We must simultaneously strive to educate the public and secure victories at the federal, state, and local level:

Win Nationwide

  • Build bipartisan support to persuade Congress and the President to adopt explicit federal statutory protections ensuring freedom from discrimination for all LGBT Americans in housing, employment and public accommodations.
  • Support the work of partners making the case in the federal courts that discrimination is illegal.

Win More States

  • Advance and secure statewide protections prohibiting discrimination against LGBT people in employment, housing and public accommodations.
  • Defeat proposals that undermine civil rights protections for LGBT Americans or promote anti-LGBT discrimination.
  • Support the work of our legal partners to combat discrimination and correct the interpretation of existing law to broaden protections for LGBT Americans.

Win Locally

  • Work alongside and provide support to local partners to advance non-discrimination at the local level – in both rural and urban communities – through executive action and the adoption of local/municipal non-discrimination ordinances.
  • Defeat efforts to repeal existing local non-discrimination ordinances.
  • Beat back attempts to strip local governments of the freedom to pass non-discrimination ordinances protecting their LGBT residents.

Through it all:

Build Public Support

  • Tell the real-life stories of LGBT Americans — who they are and why they must be protected from discrimination.
  • Highlight the broad range of Americans who support non-discrimination protections, from people of faith to conservatives to small business owners and Fortune 500 executives.
  • Underscore the urgent need for non-discrimination laws and correct the myth that the LGBT Americans are already protected from discrimination nationwide.

Protect the Rights We’ve Won

  • Defeat overly broad measures that seek to legitimize or promote discrimination and work to ensure that religion is not used as an excuse to discriminate.
  • Fight off attempts to dehumanize people on the basis of gender identity while building familiarity with the discrimination that transgender Americans face.

Create a Sustainable Movement

  • LGBT University: Train and develop a diverse team of skilled advocates with expertise on all the aspects of campaigns and public education to advance non-discrimination protections across the country.
  • Transgender Freedom Project: Support and train transgender advocates to help educate the public about the need for comprehensive non-discrimination policies that include explicit protections for gender identity and expression
  • Recruit and sustain a robust coalition of businesses–large and small–to make the economic case for treating LGBT employees fairly and equally.
  • Directly support earned, paid, and social media activities to boost public education efforts.